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Create, modify and search for entries in the Event and Venue Database

This Web service takes a list of U.S. addresses, parses each one, and returns a formatted list of latitude and longitude coordinates.

This Web service retrieves country, state, city, latitude, longitude, zip code, ISP and domain name information by IP address.

Develop interactive communication software with the WebEx API. The download includes three separate APIs, including the XML API, URL API, and Telephony API.

This Web service allows you to verify US postal addresses

Make Web service queries to obtain demographic information on US populations at the neighborhood level, such as age, average realty and house values, and other summary information.

Allows you to detect fruadulent credit card purchases based on an email address or IP address.

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This web service provides international historical and end-of-day pricing for equities.

Custom RSS Webservices
Combine multi-RSS feeds and create your own custom RSS feed.

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Send Payment
Send payments using Fidesic e-payments. Signup using the website and then you can use the SOAP interface to make payments to members (electronic) and non-members (paper check).

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Retail api web services xml web design

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