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Stock Quote Service

Stock Quote Service - Last Time Updated on 4/1/2002

API Web Service Description:
Obtains 20 minute delayed stock quote from Yahoo.

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This web service provides information for U.S. equities fundamentals.

Xignite Quote Services
Provide a variety of stock and mutual fund quote related services. See Instructions for the list of operations. For demonstration only.

This web service provides financial security master operations such as lists of securities by exchange and daily updates of new and changed securities.

Ontok Geocode
This Web service takes a list of U.S. addresses, parses each one, and returns a formatted list of latitude and longitude coordinates.

QuickBase HTTP API
This API provides users of Intuit's QuickBase product with programmatic control over their QuickBase data. Using the API you can create new databases, manage users, modify records and more. QuickBase is Web-based (SaaS) workgroup database product.

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Stock Quote Service xmethods

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