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1000 Web services, Indigo, .NET remoting, and other distributed technologies.

This Service is built using Delphi 6 Enterprise. It is Session service that one would use from a Web application such as ISAPI/CGI/ASP etc.

Morse Code Translator WebService: From Message to Morse Code, from Morse Code to Message

This web service lets you create standard or custom charts based on security pricing information.

This web service provides access to current and historical interest rate information.

Allows you to detect fruadulent credit card purchases based on an email address or IP address.

This web service provides access to daily or real-time rate information for precious metals and coins.

This web service provides access to current and historical interest rate information such as U.S. Treasuries and LIBOR.

This web service provides financial security master operations such as symbol lookups, CIK, and CUSIP mapping.

WikiMatrix is a site that keeps detailed information about hundreds of public Wikis. Using the API, you can pose custom queries of the data to answer unique question and perform detailed analyses.


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Eclipse SDK 3.1.1
An open source platform for building development tools.

Delphi ISAPI Tutorials
This WebService is built using Delphi 6. The service provides an interface to the Delphi ISAPI Tutorials.

This web service allows you to screen more than 10,000 U.S. and Canadian equities based on more than 200 different criteria. You can search on any combination of parameters.

Application Programming Interface for XML Databases
Allows connectivity to XML databases, designed for a variety of implementations

Stock Quote Service
Obtains 20 minute delayed stock quote from Yahoo.

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API Web services, WSDL, SDK, XML, SOAP .NET Web applications.

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