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1000 Web services API .NET XML distributed technologies.

This API lets you highlight phrases on your Web sites and automatically link them to existing articles on Wikipedia. The API provides your site visitors with an added layer of content and contextual depth.

Lookup The International Classification of Diseases, 9 Revision.

Fax from any environment using the Interfax Send Web Service

This web service delivers real-time and historical press release information on listed U.S. companies.

This web service provides some miscellaneous system tools such as the unavoidable WHOIS and ping.

This web service lets you create standard or custom charts based on historical market price or capitalization for a security.

A SOAP Web Service that generates a button bar or navigation bar.

This API gives you access to ISBNdb's collection of books, authors, and library records, including historical price data. Search the information by ISBN number, author, publisher, and more.

This web service delivers equity and future option information.

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Mozilla API
With this API you can build Mozilla-based applications using JavaScript and XUL.

This web service provides historical and end-of-day values for more than 400 U.S. indices.

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This web service provides information for U.S. equities fundamentals.

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