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Returns directory listings for registered ski resorts

This web service provides real-time currency data (foreign exchange rate) for more than 170 currencies.

This web service provides corporate information on public companies in the Edgar SEC database.

This web service provides access to more than 1,400 statistical time-series on the U.S. Economy.

Find out who owns a particular domain name

Part of the Yahoo UI Library, the Event component facilitates the creation of event-driven applications in the browser by giving you a simplified interface for subscribing to DOM events and for examining properties of the browser's Event object.

Allows connectivity to XML databases, designed for a variety of implementations

This API reads your text (English or German) and makes suggestions for meaningful tags for that content. Good tagging of your content will result in better visibility and utility on social networking sites.

This web service provides historical and end-of-day values for more than 400 U.S. indices.

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Morse Code Translator WebService
Morse Code Translator WebService: From Message to Morse Code, from Morse Code to Message

An API for uploading images and using images in the Flickr community within an application. Allows you to create applications that use photography heavily.

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This web service provides financial security master operations such as lists of securities by exchange and daily updates of new and changed securities.

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