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1000 Web services API .NET XML distributed technologies.

This service can be used to check connectivity between the Fidesic webservices and the client.

Easy to use online timesheets

This web service delivers U.S. equity, equity chain and future option information.

This web service provides delayed commodity future quotes and commodities futures pricing.

This web service provides historical and end-of-day values for more than 400 U.S. indices.

This web service provides event and financial information on U.S. Treasury and economic events.

getTime is the first of Yahoo's new 'utility web services.' It is a very basic service that retrieves the current time on Yahoo's servers. This is a good web service for practicing your API programming.

This Web service enables OFAC compliance against the Specially Designed Nationals database.

This API lets you highlight phrases on your Web sites and automatically link them to existing articles on Wikipedia. The API provides your site visitors with an added layer of content and contextual depth.

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This web service provides calendar information about securities exchanges around the world.

This API gives you access to ISBNdb's collection of books, authors, and library records, including historical price data. Search the information by ISBN number, author, publisher, and more.

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Modulus Checker
Validator for the 10-modulus algorithm

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