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1000 Web services API .NET XML distributed technologies.

Corporate information database. This service will search for a given corporation name and search it against , governement provided information database, and display the results.

This will correct/standardize any US address. It will also match ZipCodes with City/State.

SAINTlogin allows users to log-in to a web site without using passwords and/or users-id.

InventoryWords is X-Cart add-on created to post your product ads live on Google.

This web service provides information for U.S. equities fundamentals.

This web service lets you create standard or custom charts based on security pricing information.

This web service provides financial security master operations for U.S. Exchanges.

This web service delivers real-time and historical press release information on listed U.S. companies.

This API is a toolkit for creating graphical applications for various platforms.

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This web service is a complete investor relations solution for your web site.

This API is a toolkit for creating graphical applications for various platforms.

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This web service provides access to more than 1,400 statistical time-series on the U.S. Economy.

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